Piazza Sorrento - Hershey, PA

Piazza Sorrento Old World Style is the Go-To if You're Looking for Pizza in Hershey

The Old World Style Pizza at Piazza Sorrento is frequently regarded as the "Best Pizza in Hershey" according to locals in my informal polling and research.

Hershey Pennsylvania is the home of sweet treats and lots of fun, but if you ask locals or those who have visited, the town isn't really known for the greatest pizza selection.  In preparing for a quick trip to Hershey, I polled my readers and the most common response for the Best Pizza in Hershey was at Piazza Sorrento - specifically the Old World Style Pizza.  With a strong recommendation from locals in hand, I headed over to give it a try.

You can see my full review and instant impressions in the video below:

I ordered the pizza to-go, but in walking through the restaurant to pick up my pizza, it had an upscale vibe with a casual feel.  It seemed classy but unpretentious - the type of place that appeared that you could wear a full suit, or a t-shirt and jeans.  Definitely a place I would stop at for lunch or dinner.  Notably, Piazza Sorrento runs the pizzeria and the restaurant "separately" with the lunch menu featuring pizza and lighter fare while the dinner hours add fresh pasta, Italian entrees, and much more.  

The Old World Style Pizza features a New York Style Crust, Sharp provolone cheese underneath the pizza sauce and is sprinkled with parmesan cheese and oregano.

The Old World Style Pizza was very interesting, super flavorful, and well executed.  It's built on a sturdy, round, thin crust which is layered with sharp provolone cheese with sauce on top.  They finish with sprinkles of parmesan and oregano.  I liked the contrast of the sharp and rich cheeses against the sweet sauce.  Overall, it was quite enjoyable and is something I would definitely order again while in Hershey.  I can comfortably recommend that people will enjoy this pizza and their more traditional New York Style pie looked very good as well.  Thanks to all of those who recommended Piazza Sorrento.  Have you tried this spot yet?  If so, please share your experience in the comments!

The Ratings

Restaurant: Piazza Sorrento
Location: 16 Briarcrest Square, Hershey, PA 17033
Date: August 2021
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: 14" Old World Style Pizza
Price: $11.00
Crust: 7.8
Sauce: 7.4
Cheese: 7.5
Overall Taste: 7.8
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.2
Overall Value: 7.3


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