Calogero's Pizza - Old Forge

"Old School Old Forge" is The Pizza Capital's Newest Pizzeria

Calogero's Pizza in Old Forge makes an "Old School Italian" Old Forge Pizza.

Calogero's Creates Impossibly Light and Crispy Crust and Big Time Flavor in an Old Forge Tray

There's a new pizzeria in Old Forge with a bit of an underground vibe and a growing band of customers who swear by Calogero's Pizza.  They proudly describe their pizza as "1940's Old School Old Forge Pizza" which was a very intriguing description that drew my attention.  What also peaked my interest was the growing number of my reliable readers messaging me with stories of "knocking on this place's window" and asking for a tray and their claims that the pizza was amazing, and in fact reminded of them of several "Old School" old forge spots that are now closed, but are fondly remembered.  To give those who have experienced "Old School Old Forge" over the past few decades, some of the comparisons I've heard are the legendary Ghigiarelli's, Elio G's, and Maxie's, among others.

A look at the seasoned and crispy, crunch crust of Calogero's Pizza in Old Forge.

Calogero's is a takeout only joint, and is located at 201 North Main Avenue in Old Forge across from the Turkey Hill.  I mention this because I drove right by it even while using GPS!  I called in my order and was advised that it would be about 30 minutes to pick up because of the "Old School" process that they use to bake the pizza.  After observing from the pickup window (the only way to obtain a pizza) and some discussion with the owner, the "Old School" process involves putting the pizza in the oven 3+ different times.  Incidentally, this is a process I use very often at home and refer to as "layering the bake."  In my experience, baking a pan pizza in stages generally leads to a thicker, fluffier, and crispier crust, zero gumline, more intense sauce flavor, and a crunchy chew.  You don't see this process utilized often in pizzerias because of the inefficiency of the process and bottlenecks it creates, but it is a superior method of baking this type of pizza in my opinion.  The pizza is priced about $2+ higher than the other pizzerias in town, and I can see why simply based on the labor and capacity limits involved in the more comprehensive baking process.  The price was a common comment from some folks on social media, but I was quite comfortable with the price point considering the process, ingredients, and crazy inflation we've seen in recent months and years.

Upon receiving my pizza through the takeout window and  paying (cash only), I could immediately smell the pungent aroma of onions bellowing from the box.  It appeared that the onions might be optional as I believe I spotted them being added on top of the sauce, so be sure to ask when you call if you're not an onion fan!  I fled to the pizza mobile to review the pizza (see video above) and upon opening the box, the insanely and perfectly golden brown crust caught my eye.  I lifted a slice to note how golden brown and crunchy it appeared as well.  Upon taking my first bite, there was an audible crunch that could probably be heard a distance away even with all of the vehicles traveling on busy Main Street!  The sauce had a richness, depth, slight acidity and some sweetness to it, heightened by the flavor of the thinly sliced onions.  The cheese on top, which I won't specify as I'm not sure if it's public info, was flavorful, provided a nice cheese pull, and balanced out the pizza nicely.  I will say that it is not much American or Cooper cheese in the blend for those who tend to ask when I post about Old Forge pizza.

The Golden Brown Crispy Crust of Calogero's Pizza in Old Forge, PA.

Overall, this was a special pizza.  One which I haven't experienced anything like in quite some time.  It was crunchy, thoughtfully composed, and perfectly crafted.  You could tell there was a lot of love in this tray.  I definitely enjoyed it and would recommend it to the NEPA Nation to try as well.  Have you already obtained a tray from Calogero's?  Let me know about it in the comments?

The Ratings

Restaurant: Calogero's Pizza
Location: 201 N Main St, Old Forge, PA 18518
Date: March 2022
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: Old Forge Red Tray (12 Cuts)
Price: $18.00
Crust: 8.8
Sauce: 7.8
Cheese: 7.2
Overall Taste: 8.4
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.1
Overall Value: 6.0
Similar to: Ghigiarelli's


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