Gino's Pizza - Lindenwold, NJ

Great Delivery Pizza Experience from Gino's Pizzeria in Lindenwold

Cheese pizza from Gino's Pizzeria in Lindenwold, NJ

Fast Service and Quality Product from Gino's

Gino's Pizza on Blackwood Clementon Road in Lindenwold, NJ is a conveniently located takeout and delivery only pizzeria.  They have a pretty extensive menu that can be accessed from their website or 3rd party delivery apps.  

In my pizza career I haven't completed many delivery pizza reviews, because I don't believe that's the optimal way to judge a pizza, but the First Family of NEPA got in late to a nearby Hampton Inn and going out to eat or driving after a long drive just wasn't in the cards.  So I fired up my UberEats app and looked for the highest rated pizzeria that could deliver quickly - Gino's Pizzeria by Palillero Family checked all the boxes so we placed an order.

Gino's Pizza delivered by UberEats more than filling the box!

The order was delivered quickly in approximately 35 minutes, and the pizza was still pretty hot and fresh.  I opened the box to find that they certainly don't jip you on the size as the pizza was larger than the box itself!  Although the box trapped some steam and softened up the crust a bit, as is expected with deliveries, the crust remained pretty crisp.  It was a sturdy and tasty hand tossed crust, covered in a flavorful sauce which was naturally sweet and lightly seasoned, and topped with a good quality mozzarella with some great flavor and saltiness.  Overall this exceeded my expectations of what you can get delivered at 9:00 at night!

We also ordered nachos, chicken fingers, and meatballs.  We thought that all the items were delicious, portions were large, and the prices were very reasonable.  I would absolutely order from Gino's again if we're in town!

The Ratings

Restaurant: Gino's Pizza by Palillero Family
Location: 585 Blackwood Clementon Rd, Lindenwold, NJ 08021
Date: April 2022
Eat In/Take Out: Delivery

Pizza Ordered: Medium 14" Cheese Pizza
Price: $13.95
Crust: 7.7
Sauce: 7.5
Cheese: 7.8
Overall Taste: 7.7
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.8
Overall Value: 7.5


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