Popsy's Pizzeria - Old Forge

Old Forge's Newest Pizzeria Creates Tasty Round Pies Where the Rest Make Square Trays!

The Strohman Special (Pan Fried Cheesesteak Pizza) at Popsy's has been an immediate hit at Popsy's Pizzeria in Old Forge, PA!
Old Forge Pennsylvania is widely known as "The Pizza Capital of the World" by many (among other pizza towns who lay claim to the title) and it known for their signature Old Forge Style "Trays" of pizza.  So when a new pizzeria moves into The Pizza Capital, one might assume that it serves Old Forge style pizza.  This is not the case with the area's newest pizza shop - Popsy's Pizzeria.  They specialize in round hand-tossed New York Style pizza, among other things.
Popsy's Pizza specializes in hand tossed NY Style Pizza (and more) in Old Forge, PA

Upon arriving at the take-out pizza joint on Oak Street, I thought that the name itself was pretty interesting, but more unique was that they used a strawberry logo on their signage and social media.  I thought, this isn't a farm or a bakery so there must be a story behind the logo.  So of course I inquired!

The Story About the Popsy's Name and Strawberry Logo

The strawberry logo was inspired right from Popsy himself (see photo below) he was a gentleman who would sit at the counter of a pizza place owner/chef, Tim, started working at back around 2002. He was a much older man, senior, and he became a great friend to Tim, all of his friends, and all of our family. He used to keep these little strawberry candies in his pocket and hand them out to everyone when he'd see them. He made Tim promise him to open his own pizza place, and finally after all these years he did. Naming it Popsy's after him and using the strawberry as a quiet token of dedication to such a great man.  You can hear and see more about Popsy in the video below.

It was really cool to learn about the history of the name and inspiration of the pizzeria.  Popsy's presence is felt throughout the menu, pick up area (where popsy has his own table and chair where you can grab a strawberry candy), and social media.  It was just as cool to try some new pizzas.  On this review I tried the New York Style Pizza which is featured on the sign for what they are known for.  When placing my order, I also asked for a couple of slices of something different that they think might be a popular or unique menu item - this is where I encountered the Strohman Special.
The Hand-Tossed NY Style Pizza at Popsy's Pizzeria in Old Forge, PA.
Many times on a review, I know what the story is going to be after the first bite.  As I'm chewing, I'm not only reviewing the pizza to think about how I'm going to rate it, what ingredients are used, and what the pizza reminds me of, but also how the NEPA Nation is going to react to the pizza.  After talking to tens of thousands of locals about their pizza preferences, I think I have a pretty good read on what is going to be popular and sell in this market.  Enter the Strohman...
The Strohman Special Pan Fried Sicilian Cheesesteak Pizza offers
The Strohman Special is a cheesesteak pizza made on a lightly pan fried Sicilian crust.  You may have seen my review of Cosmo's on Oak who makes a killer pan fried Sicilian Cheesesteak pizza.  I was surprised to recently come across 2 of these types of pizzas in Lackawanna County after it being not available at all - ever!  So the Strohman Special crust is very similar to the lightly fried crust on the "Grandpa Pizza" at Samario's.  It's not exactly a Pan Fried Sicilian as in Victory Pig or Pizza L'Oven, but it's certainly a lightly fried Sicilian crust that perfectly compliments the generous amounts of cheese, tender steak, and seasoning blend.  I think this version of the crust is an excellent foundation and a perfect match to hold the mighty Strohman altogether.  For some reason while crushing this meaty creation, this image kept popping in my mind (wrestling fans will understand!):
The Strohman Special is a beast of a pizza that will fill you up! (Photo Credit: WWE.com)
It took me a week to write this review, which gave me a chance to receive feedback from those who saw my video review and recommendation to go try the Strohman Special, and I have to say the response was pretty unanimously positive.  The number of views, comments, and shares on the NEPAPizzaReview facebook video post was staggering and hearing some feedback from Poppy's owners themselves, the response was overwhelming, which is always heartwarming to hear that connecting people and pizza can create business for others (and send people home happy with their pizza).  I heard there might have been a 3 hour wait for pizza the night after the video went live!!

Listen below as I discuss Popsy's Pizzeria on the Doc Show With Jessie on Froggy 101!
It would seem that the legend of Popsy and the story of Strohman stole the show here, and that may be the case, but I also tried the hand tossed NY Style Pizza, which was also very good.  A classic NY style pizza with a sturdy crust and generous proportions of sauce and cheese offers something for everyone.  I frequently refer to a really good pizza that is neutral enough to be loved by kids, but also exciting enough to satisfy a pizza snob as a "Party Pleaser" because if you brought this NY pie to a party, every single person could have a slice and I could guarantee they would enjoy it.  It's familiar, it's easy to eat, it's delicious, and it offers something for everyone.
Pizza Reviews from the Pizza Mobile aren't quite as much fun as eating inside restaurants, but they are just as delicious!
The bottom line here is that Popsy's is a brand new cool startup pizzeria with an awesome history that brings something different to the Pizza Capital of the World.  They offer much more than just pizza, so head over to their facebook page for a wide variety of items, including the wings which smelled incredible when I visited.  Check out the video above for all the rest of the details, but more importantly - go try it for yourself and let me know in the comments what you think!

The Ratings

Restaurant: Popsy's Pizzeria
Location: Old Forge, PA
Date: August 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: 16" Large NY Style Pizza
Price: $12.50
Crust: 7.6
Sauce: 7.7

Cheese: 8.2

Overall Taste: 8.1

Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.8

Overall Value: 7.5

Similar to: Pompei's, Dino and Francesco's, Pasquale's

A look at the lightly pan fried crust on the "Strohman Special" cheesesteak pizza at Popsy's in Old Forge

Pizza Ordered: Pan Fried Cheesesteak Pizza (Strohman Special)
Price: $18.50
Crust: 7.7
Sauce: N/A

Cheese: 9.1

Overall Taste: 8.5

Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.5

Overall Value: 7.6

Similar to: Samario's (Grandpa crust), Cosmo's on Oak


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