Teberio's Pizza - Luzerne

The Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza in Luzerne is a Must Try!  Teberio's Pizza in Luzerne makes a thin, crispy, and delicious version of Pan Fr...

The Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza in Luzerne is a Must Try! 

Teberio's Pizza in Luzerne makes a thin, crispy, and delicious version of Pan Fried Sicilian Pizza!

Two Great Locations, But Which is Better?

Teberio's Pizza has two locations: Teberio's Pizza in Luzerne (599 Union St #1246, Luzerne, PA) which I am reviewing in this article, and Teberio's Pizza and Pub in Wilkes-Barre (59 E Thomas St, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18705) which I reviewed in this article, which just so happens to be one of the most read reviews in the history of NEPA Pizza Review!

Teberio's offers this tasty-looking small bar pie at their Wilkes-Barre (only).  Photo Credit: Teberio's Pizza & Pub Facebook Page.

So the Luzerne location is a takeout only joint that serves up Teberio's signature Pan Fried Sicilian (PFS) Pizza.  The Wilkes-Barre location is a full service bar and restaurant that also serves PFS, but also makes a small bar pie that I'm told is unlike any other in NEPA.  I had a goal to try one of these small round pizzas which locals recommend to get with sweet sauce as well for this review, but it is only available in WB, so take note if you're interested in that tasty treat!

A full "tray" of Teberio's Pizza comes in 14 "cuts."  Teberio's PFS crust is a little thinner than most and very crunchy!

If you happened to read my WB Teberio's Review or watched the YouTube video review, you know that I was totally obsessed with that pizza and issued a high rating for it.  So the question became, which pizza location serves the better pizza?!  Funny enough, I called in anonymously to order my pizza and I might have been recognized by one of the staff members which brought out the pizza guy, who was great to talk to and very funny.  He jokingly (I think!) claimed that he made the best pizza of the two places, so I was excited about this fun rivalry statement being made.  (BTW, I always ask if I'm allowed to say these types of things, I'm not an undercover reporter people!).  This added another dimension of fun and pressure on me perform an accurate assessment of the pizza!

A look underneath the crispy, golden brown PFS crust at Teberio's in Luzerne.  If you look closely at the paper underneath, there is very little grease on it which is evidence that this pizza was not very greasy.

So I popped open the box to take my first glance and I have to say, the pizza guy cooked this to an absolute and magnificent perfection - a major indicator that he knows what the heck he's doing back there!  But, as I think back to my WB review from 2017, that was cooked to perfection as well so we'll call it a draw in this category.
A closeup of the beautifully melted cheese with small peaks of vibrant red sauce poking through.  The color variations from sizzling in the oven is a trademark of PFS style pizza.

The sauce, cheese, crust, onions (yes, I get them every time on PFS) and flavor would surely be the attributes that determined a winner in my mind then, right?  Well, many would say that they are the same recipe so of course they'd taste the same.  I'd contest that a recipe is simply a list of ingredients and quantities, and replicating a recipe in different environments, by different people, with different equipment is extremely difficult to acheive.  Further, Pan Fried Sicilian is among the more labor intensive, time consuming, and environmental factor dependent (heat, humidity) pizzas one can make.  So consistently making the same pizza time and again in one place is a feat in itself let alone doing it in multiple locations.  I believe my PFS pizza guys and gals (and other pizza style) friends will attest to this statement.

So long story short, I bit into the pizza, and took another bite, and another, and I felt as if I was eating the same exact pizza that I had nearly 4 years prior.  (Yes, I have an encyclopedic memory of almost every pizza I've ever eaten/reviewed!).  Now, as a pretty fiercely competitive person by nature, ties and draws bother the heck out of me.  Reflecting on each attribute of both pizzas and the overall experience I had at each place, I have to say I can't determine a winner here.  For specific details of each attribute of the pizza, please check out the 2017 review here.

The thin, crispy, crunchy crust from Teberio's is amazing!

The real winner here is Teberio's who is able to achieve a consistent and results at scale in multiple locations.  Both of these places are very popular, but I based on my thousands of PFS fans on a regular basis, I get a sense that they are a bit of a hidden gem NEPA-wide.  The big names that roll off the tongue from my fellow Lackawanna county residents are usually the big names so I'm here to proclaim 2 things: 1. This pizza is top notch and in the same league as the big PFS names, and 2. Teberio's Pizza is sorely underrated in this area.  That may sound like a strange point to make for a place that locals swear by, but I'm telling you drive 30 minutes, 45 minutes across NEPA to try it and you won't regret it. Teberio's is the real deal!

Be sure to share your thoughts and experiences at Teberio's in the comments!

The Ratings

Restaurant:  Teberio's Pizza
Location: Luzerne, PA
Date: January 2021
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: Pan Fried Sicilian with Onions
Price: $16.99
Crust: 9.1
Sauce: 7.9
Cheese: 8.6
Overall Taste: 9.2
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 9.1
Overall Value: 7.5


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