Annarella Pizza and Pasta Merges With Dino's in Shavertown

Annarella Takes Their Award Winning Grandma Pizza Down the Road to Dino's

The award winning grandma pizza from Annarella Pizza and Pasta in Dallas, PA is supremely delicious and made with high quality ingredients.

Annarella Teams Up With Family at Dino's Italian Bistro in Shavertown

I first learned about Annarella Pizza at NePizza Festival at Montage Mountain in late 2019.  I was feasting on all types of great pizzas with a good friend of mine when we kept hearing about a certain grandma pizza that was amazing, so of course we made our way over to try it and it was in fact amazing!  It took my breath away and I introduced myself to the owners and they were very kind and gracious and invited us to the back where they were making the pizzas.  I learned a few secrets, which I'll never tell and even got a chance to flip my own pizza!

My first sample of grandma pizza from Annarella at NePizza Fest at Montage Mountain in 2019.

Much has happened since that day in the face of a global pandemic and change is the only constant we can depend on.  The first family of NEPA Pizza visited Annarella in Dallas on their final day operation in that building and learned soon thereafter that they would be moving and merging with Dino's Italian Bistro of Shavertown.  I sighed a deep sigh of relief after I was assured that they would be offering the same grandma pizza just down the road at the Dino's location, which isn't too far away at all.

A look at the golden brown and crispy crust of the Grandma Pizza at Annarella.

What is Grandma Pizza?  Click here to find out!

If you scroll to my ratings below, you'll see that I gave this pizza an exceptionally high rating.  What makes this pizza so great?  Well, they start with a fresh dough pressed out thin into a Sicilian pan, but it isn't allowed to rise like a traditional Sicilian pizza would.  It's then coated with some incredible tasting mozzarella and Romano cheeses, and covered with a vibrant, naturally sweet and intensely flavorful pizza sauce.  It's then topped off with a fresh garlic and a pesto drizzle.  So that's how it's constructed, but even after observing it being made and knowing (what I think) are some of the ingredients it's just not something I could ever replicate.  It's special, it's dramatically flavorful, tender, crispy, and has so much complexity and flavor contrasts to create what amounts to a culinary masterpiece.

After having the opportunity to spend a little time with the family, I have to say they are wonderful people and they know how to make great pizza.  Their extended family's work can be found in other pizzerias around NEPA as well.  I'd support them even if the pizza wasn't outstanding, but the truth is that the pizza is...just...that...darn...good.  Go try it at Dino's in Shavertown.  You won't be sorry.

The Ratings

Restaurant:  Annarella Pizza and Pasta >> (Moved to Dino's Italian Bistro)
Location: 3808 Yallick Plaza, Dallas, PA 18612
Date: February 2021
Eat In/Take Out: Dine-In

Pizza Ordered: Grandma Pizza
Price: $16.95
Crust: 9.1
Sauce: 9.2
Cheese: 9.3
Overall Taste: 9.6
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 9.3
Overall Value: 7.9
Similar to: Armenti's, Angelo's, Dino's Pizza Express


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