Mamma Mia's Pizza - Scranton, PA

Mamma Mia's Sweet Sauce Pizzas - A Scranton Staple for Nearly 30 Years

Round pizza featuring a sweet sauce from Mamma Mia's Pizza in Scranton.

Mamma Mia's Serving the Greater Scranton Area for Nearly 30 Years

Mamma Mia's Pizza in Scranton is a small takeout and delivery joint on Poplar Street in Scranton Near Scranton Prep and Burne Honda.  They've been in business since 1992 and are known for their sweet sauce pizzas, fast service, and affordable prices.  The last time I tried Mamma Mia's was in 2012 when they had a Clarks Summit location which is now occupied by Nickie's Hoagies.  I recall that review fondly, and I had received a number of requests to review the location in Scranton over the years, so I decided it was time to try the pizza in the Scranton location.

Mamma Mia's on Poplar Street in Scranton.

I ordered this pizza on #PizzaFriday around 5:45 pm (I typically don't like to order during peak times) so I was expecting a lengthy wait.  I placed an order for a round pizza, square pizza, and a cheesesteak stromboli thinking the minimum wait would be 45 minutes to an hour.  Surprisingly, the friendly lady on the phone told me 25 minutes so I hurried to the pizza mobile and headed to the Electric City.  I checked my call log, and arrived 23 minutes after I placed the call and my order had just come out of the oven!  The short wait time wasn't for lack of business, because they were very busy sending out deliveries and quickly serving takeout customers like myself.

Square pizza from Mamma Mia's Pizza in Scranton.

While inside, I did notice that there were a few tables to dine at, although I'm not sure if they offer table service or not.  It didn't seem like the appropriate time to ask a bunch of questions on a busy Friday night.  The place was a bit larger inside than I was envisioning, and it was very clean from what I observed.  The staff was also super friendly and efficient, you could tell they worked well together and that had to have something to do with why the orders were flying out the door.

Cheesy golden brown slice featuring sweet sauce from Mamma Mia's in Scranton!

The pizza itself is a great value, and absolutely what I would consider to be a Party Pleaser.  You can get a stack of round or square pizzas without breaking the bank and I guarantee everyone will at least like it.  The sauce they use on both pizzas is quite sweet, but not "Kool-Aid" sweet.  It has a nice texture and body to it and even a little bit of zest, but sweetness is the prevailing flavor and what Mamma Mia's is known for.

The square pizza was something of a thin Sicilian pizza, bordering on Old Forge style.  The crust was soft and impossibly tender and required almost no effort to bite into.  It was slightly crisp in some areas, but not something I would describe as overall crispy.  The cheese seemed to be mozzarella or a blend including, but it had a nice stretch with mild flavor that allowed the signature sauce to shine.

The round pizza was cooked beautifully with a deep golden brown crispness around the edge.  The thinner crust allowed the cheese to take a starring role in this program.  The cheese seemed to be similar to the square, but was cooked a bit more and as a result, looked and tasted better.  There was a bit more saltiness to the cheese on this pie which really provided superb contrast against the sweet sauce.  Both pizzas were very tasty, but the round pizza was the clear winner for me.

Cheesesteak Stromboli from Mamma Mia's in Scranton.

The cheesesteak stromboli was a little different than most other stromboli's I've tried.  It was thin, light, and focused on a thin crust and steak rather than copious amounts of cheese and toppings.  Many other strombolis pack in the cheese and toppings, but I appreciated the moderation and execution of this boli as it was light, didn't weigh me down and ate more like an appetizer than a meal (even though it was large enough to feed 2 people).

Overall, this pizza was good.  It's an exceptional value, fast and convenient to order and the service is terrific.  Mamma Mia's is a great choice for birthday parties, football Saturdays/Sundays, or just for a quick delivery that is higher quality than the chains.  NEPA Pizza Review approved.

The Ratings

Restaurant: Mamma Mia's Pizza
Location: 419 Poplar St, Scranton, PA 18509
Date: September 2021
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: 6 Cut Square Pizza
Price: $
Crust: 7.1
Sauce: 7.3
Cheese: 7.2
Overall Taste: 7.2
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.1
Overall Value: 7.5

Pizza Ordered: Medium Round Pizza
Price: $
Crust: 7.4
Sauce: 7.6
Cheese: 7.4
Overall Taste: 7.7
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.3
Overall Value: 7.6


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