Pepper's Pizza - Scranton, PA

Pepper's Heats Things Up With Great Pizza and Exceptional Value

The traditional round 16" pizza at Pepper's Pizza in Scranton delivers big flavor and exceptional value.

NEPA Pizza Madness Champion Pepper's Pizza is a Small Pizzeria with Big Flavor

The thing I love most about NEPA Pizza Madness is that it brings attention to small businesses in Northeast Pennsylvania, and my favorite part is when a small business wins, I have the opportunity to go meet the owners and usually try the pizza.  Pepper's Pizza of Scranton brought home the title in 2019 and I teamed up with the trophy sponsor and creator, Ron from We Talk Shirty for the first time ever to present it to Pepper's Pizza's team.  It was the first time I'd met Ron, and the first time I'd get to try Pepper's "American Cheesy Pizza" and their square Old Forge Style tray so it was an exciting visit on the NEPA Pizza Trail!
Pepper's Pizza of Scranton, PA brought home the NEPA Pizza Madness title in 2019!
Pepper's is a small pizzeria with an expansive menu full of traditional and unique menu items.  They offer both indoor and outdoor dining with a few tables in each setting.  The owner and staff were all very nice people and we observed happy customers coming in and out over the course of a two hour visit.  The anticipation built as we waited for three different pizzas to come out of the oven: the traditional round (NY Style), a square red (Old Forge Style), and a pizza known as the American Cheesy.

The American Cheesy pizza from Pepper's Pizza in Scranton.
The pizzas came out hot, fresh, and looking and smelling good.  Both the traditional round and American Cheesy came on a round, fresh dough crust which was tender and with a pleasant chew.  The sauce on both pizzas had a pleasant flavoring and consistency to it that contrasted the various cheeses in different ways.  The cheese on the traditional round was a high quality cheese with good stretch, a flavorful saltiness, and beautiful melt.  The American Cheesy pizza featured the charred cheese spots on top that is popular with many locals.  Tons of flavor and lots of fun to eat!
The square red pizza from Pepper's Pizza is very much similar to some Old Forge Pizzas you'd find in the Pizza Capital of the World!
The Old Forge style pizza was really a classic similar to some you might find in the Pizza Capital of the World.  It had a fluffy and light crust, crisp on the bottom and soft in the middle and a flavorful and robust sauce.  The cheese was like molten lava and stuck immediately to the tops of our mouths, which is a trademark of this style of delicious pizza!

Overall, we had a fantastic experience at Pepper's.  I was impressed by the food selection, food quality, service, and especially the great prices and large portions.  Congratulations to them for bringing home the gold in 2019 and good luck to them and the rest of the field of 64 in NEPA Pizza Madness 2020 and beyond!

The Ratings

Restaurant: Pepper's Pizza
Location: Scranton, PA
Date: July 2019
Eat In/Take Out: Eat In

Pizza Ordered: 16" American Cheesy Pizza
Price: $11.50
Crust: 7.4
Sauce: 7.6
Cheese: 7.5
Overall Taste: 7.9
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.5
Overall Value: 8.3
Similar to: Gangi Pizza, Luigi's Pizza

Pizza Ordered: 16" Traditional Round NY Style Pizza
Price: $11.50
Crust: 7.4
Sauce: 7.6
Cheese: 8.3
Overall Taste: 8.2
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.5
Overall Value: 8.4
Similar to: Luigi's Pizza, Brick Oven Pizza

Pizza Ordered: 12 Cut Square Red (Old Forge Style)
Price: $12.99
Crust: 7.3
Sauce: 7.4
Cheese: 7.5
Overall Taste: 7.8
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 8.1
Overall Value: 8.3
Similar to:  Roseanna's Pizza, Lou's Pizza


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