Lino's Pizza - Kingston

Lino's Grandma Provides a Great Slice on the Run

Lino's Pizza in Kingston always has slice pies ready to go so you can grab a gourmet slice on the run!
Grandma Pizza has been growing in popularity in NEPA over the past 5 years or so.  I am a huge fan of this thin Sicilian style of pizza, and there are so many versions of it popping up around the area.  Many members of the NEPA Nation have messaged me to tell me that Lino's Pizza in Kingston has a great one and it has been on my list to try for a very long time.  While in the area, I decided to finally stop by and give the place a try!

Coming off another pizza review just minutes before, I decided I didn't need a full pie/tray of pizza, but Lino's provided the perfect solution with a slice display case like you'd find in a mall or a NYC pizzeria on the street.  Pizza by the slice also allowed me to try not only the grandma, but also a classic NY Style cheese slice.
The Grandma Pizza at Lino's in Kingston, PA.
I have to say, the place is on a main road, very accessible, plenty of parking, has outdoor seating, the staff was very friendly, and the service was extremely fast.  The pizza was ready in no time, perhaps a little faster than I would have liked the reheated pizza to be pulled from the oven, but certainly warm enough.

The grandma pizza, with its signature vibrant red sauce and stripes of pesto looked and smelled great.  The crust was among the thicker grandma slices I've had, and I think it fits pretty comfortably in the Sicilian category in terms of composition, thickness, and crumb.  It was crisp on the bottom, tender, and tasty.  The sauce was vibrant and flavorful, and the pesto added another dimension that was equal parts interesting and delicious!  Overall, I can see why so many people recommend this pizza.  I will also say I'll be back to get a full fresh tray, which is the best (and only) way to review a pizza the right way.

A crumb shot of the Grandma pizza reveals some beautiful air pockets that help make this a light and crispy slice.
As much as I believe that a pizza needs to be reviewed fresh from the oven, some of the best NY slices I've ever had have been reheats.  In my opinion, a great way to consume NY style pizza is to remove a freshly baked, fully cooked pizza from the oven, allow to sit for 5 minutes or so, cut, and reheat individual slices.  This allows everything to settle in a bit without having time to age, and creates an extra crispy crust when placed back on the brick in the oven for a reheat.  Many of my favorite pizzerias use this method (with rest times of longer than 5 minutes) and I love it!

A look under the razor thin and neatly stretched NY Slice from Lino's in Kingston.
That being said, the Lino's NY Slice was solid.  Put together nicely and cooked either on a screen or in an air deck oven.  I didn't have enough time to take in the whole operation because the service was so attentive and quick, but my money is on the air deck.  It had major flop where I had to employ the "NY fold" to eat it which was actually a nice change of pace, and a good way to consume pizza in the pizza mobile.  Overall, it was thin, tasty, and is a slice that will get the job done and fill you up on the run.  I definitely enjoyed my stop at Lino's and will be back for a tray of grandma!  Share your thoughts on your favorite slices from Lino's in the comments!

The Ratings

Restaurant: Lino's Pizza
Location: Kingston, PA
Date: August 2020
Eat In/Take Out: Take Out

Pizza Ordered: Grandma Pizza
Price: $
Crust: 7.8
Sauce: 7.5

Cheese: 7.7

Overall Taste: 8.1
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.9
Overall Value: 7.5
Similar to: 

Pizza Ordered: NY Style Pizza

Price: $
Crust: 7.2
Sauce: 7.5
Cheese: 7.7

Overall Taste: 7.6
Crispy/Cooked Properly: 7.5
Overall Value: 7.5
Similar to: Gourmet Slice


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